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The $10,000 I spent taking my “Big Crazy Road Trip” camping/paddling adventure through California, Arizona and Mexico this past winter, will ALSO create about $80,000 of additional wealth in my life. In fact, almost everything I buy creates more wealth in my life at the same time!


How? Easy. I have a goose that lays golden eggs! Well, sort of…

Some time ago, I learned a very simple 4 step process that allows me to make money on all sides of nearly every financial transaction in my life. The same dollars I spend traveling, operating my business or paying my bills are ALSO creating more wealth in my life at the same time. Pretty cool, right?

Step 1: Understand the Banking Equation. Even if you pay cash, you actually finance everything you buy! There are only two conventional ways to pay for things: A. You save up over time and pay cash or B. You borrow the money for the purchase and pay it back over time. Both are mirror images of the same outcome. You either pay interest on the money you borrow or you give up the interest you could have earned on your cash. This is what I call The Banking Equation. Understanding and mastering The Banking Equation allows you to make money as the depositor, lender and borrower all at the same time!

Step 2: Create a pool of Cash. Saving. This simple financial wisdom has been around since early humans began trading sea shells for loaves and fishes. Have a plan. Live below your means. Saving creates capital. Capital, wisely employed, creates wealth. Despite what it looks like sometimes, you can’t borrow or speculate your way to financial freedom.

Step 3: Have L.U.C. (Pronounced like “LUCK”). Money does not exist in a vacuum. All money lives some where, whether in a savings account, certificate of deposit, stock/bond brokerage account, your retirement plan or in an old shoe in the basement, it lives somewhere until you use it. Choosing the best place for your money to live is the single most important financial decision you will ever make in your life. Where my money lives must have L.U.C. Lifetime Uninterrupted Compounding. L.U.C. is exactly what it sounds like. Every dollar that lives there will compound for life without any interruption (that means it can never go down, only up, guaranteed).


Step 4: Be the Banker. There is a very short list of places your money can live that have L.U.C. If you are savvy enough to choose the right place for your money to live, you can access your money to pay for things, like a cash buyer, but then pay yourself back over time (with interest), like a borrower AND your money will continue to grow and compound in the background (guaranteed) as if you never accessed it at all! This is how you master the banking the equation and can make money on all sides of every financial transaction in your life. You are the depositor, lender and borrower all rolled into one!

Last winter I pulled $10,000 out of my pool of cash and went on a great adventure. I repaid myself the $10,000, plus an additional $500 in interest when I got back. My pool of cash continues to grow in the background at exactly the same rate, as if I never took the $10,000 out at all. In fact over my lifetime, that $10,000 will generate about $80,000 of real, usable, cash wealth. My money has L.U.C. (Lifetime Uninterrupted Compounding). At this point nearly every penny of income I generate lives where it has L.U.C.

L.U.C. is the goose that lays golden eggs!

Can this strategy work as well for you as it has for me and literally hundreds of thousands of other families out there? Honestly, I don’t know… But, I would love the opportunity to help you answer that question. Just visit JEnsley Financial to schedule a time to chat with me about it.