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Hi, I’m John Ensley

Boat OwnershipI’m a Dad, a Grandpa, an entrepreneur, a veteran, an adventurer and a consummate lover of life and liberty.

My mission is to help other boaters, sailors and cruisers realize their dreams of boat ownership and cruising in a way that not only delivers the adventure of a lifetime, but that also leaves them wealthier in the process!

My own boat ownership and cruising plans blew up in my face after nearly losing everything in the carnage following the real estate and stock market crash, now known as “The Great Recession” in 2008.

That was my wake up call and I quickly began to realize that much of the status quo “financial advice” I received was little more than speculative mumbo-jumbo touted by sharp dressed “planners” with an alphabet of “credentials” after their names.

To make matters worse, none of these “financial planners” understood this crazy obsession I had with the idea of boat ownership and cruising off into the sunset. My dreams didn’t fit into their cookie cutter idea of what retirement, money and financial independence was supposed to look like, so they just tried to force me into whatever newest hot financial product they were pushing that month…

Finally, after an intense, self-directed, financial education and exhaustive research, I stumbled upon a community of successful entrepreneurs and learned about a unique wealth building strategy called Bank On Yourself.


I immediately recognized this strategy was unlike anything I had ever seen before and was absolutely perfect as a vehicle to fund my boat ownership and cruising dreams!

Boat OwnershipI developed a burning passion to share this “financial intelligence” with the world. I knew I had found my purpose – this is what I’m here on the planet to do!

After securing insurance licensing and completing an intensive Infinite Banking training program in NYC, I then completed the rigorous Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor program and launched J-Ensley Financial in 2012.


I’m one of only 200 Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors in the world and I am the only advisor that focuses exclusively on the needs of boat owners, boat buyers and cruisers.

I am a member of a new breed of entrepreneur – I’m a digital entrepreneur. That means you won’t find me in a posh office building or fancy conference room. I work with the vast majority of my clients “virtually,” utilizing web based video conferencing and the telephone. My “office” is as often as not the deck of a sailboat or a cozy little coffee shop (with good wifi of course!) wherever I happen to be.

If you think about it, who would you rather work with? A “certified” rep who works directly for big Wall Street banks and spends their life chained to a desk in an office building dreaming of retirement someday OR a financial professional who is actually using the very same strategies they recommend to you to live an amazing lifestyle today and everyday?   

If you choose the latter, then I’m looking forward to chatting about your boat ownership and cruising plans soon. I am honored to be able to share this powerful strategy with you and apply my experience and knowledge to help you achieve your boat ownership and cruising dreams – and grow wealthier in the process!

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